Treat Yourself Donut Wall

  • $195.00


This donut/bagel stand, "treat yourself" is the perfect addition to any wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, or event that you want to display your donuts and/or bagels in a fun way!

Featured in: White stand color with Black lettering
Size: 36"x24"
Rods: 4" each, and there are 20 rods in the large size, and 6 in the small size. Each rod can hold up to 3 donuts depending on the size.
Weight: Approximately 4 lbs total

Ships within 1-2 weeks of purchase

Created with pine wood, is sanded, is hand painted, and has a top coat that is safe for food to sit on.

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Assembly instructions- 

Assembly- The board will come with the anchor screws pre-set.  Each dowel also has pilot holes pre-drilled on one end.  To assemble, simply hand tighten each dowel onto an anchor screw until the end is flush with the board, being careful not to over-tighten and strip the screw from the dowel.

In the event that a dowel does get damaged or lost, I have added an extra dowel and anchor screw.

Lastly, I suggest not disassembling and reassembling the stand repeatedly to avoid further risk of damage or loss of grip over time.